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    【呜呜组啦=主页】"Surely your ladyship knows Dr. Bruce!" Hetty said with a vivid splash of colour on either cheek "A little time ago I understood that Dr. Bruce----""Nobody but a servant, and a pretty one," the other said.


    "Come out of it, my lad," said the gruff one good-humouredly. "We've got you."The man nodded. The woman was speaking the truth, and he knew it.

    "Tell you what," he exclaimed, "I'll try and get Maitrank on the telephone. He has a sort of office at the Metropole.""I am afraid I don't follow your reasoning," Bruce said.


    "If you can be brave so can I," he said. "And perhaps Lawrence will bring off one of his wonderful problems. But one thing I am pretty sure of--it has nothing to do with your employer, Countess Lalage."

    【呜呜组啦=主页】"Toujours the corner house," Bruce cried. "What do you make of it?""Richards shall tell you no more stories," Hetty murmured. "Go on, pet."The house was wonderfully quiet; not a sound came from anywhere. The repulsive figure of the man lay there like some new and hideous form of death. Who he was and why he came there Bruce did not dare to think for the present. Perhaps the dark owner of the house had returned; perhaps this was the very man himself. Certainly there was no foul play here, no audacious criminal invasion of the house, seeing that the light in the hall could be seen from the street.


    【呜呜组啦=主页】"But why must it have been me?" Leona asked."Don't laugh, dear," Hetty whispered. "The place haunts, me. I never seem to be able to get away from the horrors of it. And last night----""Then fetch me an ice. By the time you return I shall have thought of something pretty to say. Ah, I have pricked my finger. The ice, my dear boy, the ice. The finger will not hurt till you return."

    "But you were in the house," he said, "disguised as a Spanish woman----""I have been talking to Lawrence," Bruce said. "My dear little girl, I have only learnt lately what you have endured for me. If these people had found you out they would most certainly have murdered you.""Just a moment," Leona said eagerly. "Suppose I deny that. How are you going to prove that I did so?"

    【呜呜组啦=主页】"It is nothing, darling," she said as she kissed the white lips. "Mother has been masquerading, it is a part of her dress. You must come to bed with me at once; there is a terrible draught here. Come along."He paused as he saw Leona listening eagerly, not to himself, but to something outside. She was acting perfectly. There was just a suggestion of alarm in her manner that gave the situation.